My Last Best Friend Movie Release Date

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My Last Best Friend Movie is a 2023 American drama-mystery film directed by Filippo M. Prandi and starring Eric Roberts, Rico Simonini, and Carol Alt. The film follows two identical-looking men who both live together, sharing the identity and the same life. However, one of them is hiding a dark secret.

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My Last Best Friend Movie Official Trailer

The film is set in New York City during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. The two men, Walter Stoyanov (Roberts), a successful businessman, and his identical twin brother, also named Walter Stoyanov (Simonini), a struggling artist, are forced to quarantine together when Walter the businessman falls ill. As the days go by, the two men begin to grow closer, but their relationship is soon tested when Walter the artist discovers Walter the businessman’s dark secret.

The film is a suspenseful and twisty thriller that explores the themes of identity, betrayal, and redemption. The performances by Roberts and Simonini are both excellent, and the film is beautifully shot and directed.

“My Last Best Friend” is scheduled to be released in limited theaters on September 15, 2023. It will also be available to stream on demand on the same day.

Here are some of the cinema chains that will be screening “My Last Best Friend”:

AMC Theatres
Regal Cinemas
Cinemark Theatres
Landmark Theatres
Harkins Theatres

Streaming Platforms Where “My Last Best Friend Movie” will stream

The streaming platforms that will carry the film have not yet been announced. However, some of the possible streaming platforms that could carry the film include:

Amazon Prime Video
Apple TV+
Google Play Movies & TV

Cast and Other Detail OF ” My Last Best Friend Movie

Genre: Drama

Original Language: English

Director: Filippo M. Prandi

Producer: Blaga Ditrow, Filippo M. Prandi, Eric Roberts

Writer: Filippo M. Prandi

Release Date (Theaters): Sep 15, 2023 Limited

Runtime: 1h 45m

Distributor: Majox Films

Production Co: Majox Films, 8th House Entertainment, Lush Life Film , Charles Perry Films

A scene from my last best friend movie

Cast Detail OF ” My Last Best Friend Movie”

Eric Roberts … The Protagonist / Walter Stoyanov
Carol Alt … Sarah Rennard
Rico Simonini … Special Agent John McCallany
Brian Byus … Robert Stoyanov
Adrienne Laurén … Jennifer
Christopher Romero … Drew Meroni
Nathaniel J. Ryan … Max Hollis (as Nathaniel Ryan J.)
Ken Driesslein … Attorney in the park
Maria de Jesus Castellon … Melanie
Charles Kennedy IV … Doctor Bouley
Joe Lipari … Mr. Beachum
Tina Krause … Bartender
Steve Lin … ICE Agent (Sarah Rennard’s Guest #1)
Maggie Wagner … Lauren Hill (Anchorwoman)
Joseph Ienco … Jim, the neighbor
Anthony Franqui … Detective Byrd (voice)
Mikal Saint George … D.A. (voice)
Patrick Heraghty … NYPD Detective
Yessenia Rivas … Charlotte
Kareem Ghaleb … Deli Clerk
Ernest Maurice Davis … Robber
Eon Grey … TV Guest #1 (Bob – Death Penalty Supporter)
Veronica Alvisi … ADA Reynolds
Mike Canino … FBI agent #1
Steve Carter … Homeless man on the train
Justin Cohen … Arguing Boyfriend
Michelle Comacho … Singer at the Party
Stefano Cotugno … NYPD Patrol Officer
Soren Du Hoffman … Younger Protagonist
Matthew Edell … Musician
Kyle Fragnoli … Younger Protagonist (30 yrs)
Micheal Giovanelli … NYPD Agent #1
Olivia Le Blan … Arguing Girlfriend
Kathleen Olivia Lentz … Sarah Rennard’s Assistant
Larry McDonald … FBI agent #2
Aniello Mendella … Musician #2 (Party Scene)
John Messina … Bouncer
Micheal Mulroy … NYPD Agent #2

Produced By

Carol Alt … co-producer
Gisella Arlotti … co-executive producer
Maria de Jesus Castellon … producer
Blaga Ditrow … producer
Dimi Ditrow … co-executive producer
Joseph Ienco … executive producer
Sam Nier-McDermott … associate producer
Filippo M. Prandi … executive producer / producer
Eliza Roberts … co-executive producer
Eric Roberts … producer
Rico Simonini … executive producer
Kelly Waters … executive producer

Music By

Asen Doykin … (original music composed by)

Music Department Of ” My Last Best Friend Movie”

Ivan Markovsky … composer additional music

Sound Department Of ” My Last Best Friend Movie”

Fritz Francois … sound mixer
Wesley Grant … sound mixer
Ivan Markovsky … sound designer
Amelia Palmer … sound mixer

Makeup Department Of ” My Last Best Friend Movie”

Ta Ming Chen … makeup artist

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