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The Inventor 2023 is an upcoming stop-motion animated film about Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian polymath who is considered one of the greatest minds of the Renaissance. The film is directed by Jim Capobianco and stars David Tennant as da Vinci. It is scheduled to be released in theaters on September 15, 2023.

The Inventor 2023 Movie Official Trailer

The film tells the story of da Vinci’s life and work, from his early days as a painter and sculptor to his later years as an engineer and inventor. It explores his genius and his creativity, as well as his struggles with doubt and perfectionism.

The Inventor 2023 is a visually stunning film that brings da Vinci’s world to life. The stop-motion animation is beautifully rendered, and the film’s art direction is top-notch. The voice acting is also excellent, with Tennant giving a nuanced and captivating performance as da Vinci.

The film is more than just a biopic, however. It is also a meditation on the nature of creativity and the human spirit. It asks questions about the power of imagination and the importance of pursuing one’s dreams.

The Inventor 2023 is a must-see for anyone interested in da Vinci or the Renaissance. It is a beautifully made film that is both informative and thought-provoking.

The film will be released in theaters on September 15, 2023. It will be distributed by Curiosity Studio. The following cinemas will be screening the film:

AMC Century City 15
ArcLight Hollywood
Landmark Theatres Nuart
Pacific Theatres The Grove 14
Regency Village Theatre

Cast and Other Detail Of “The Inventor 2023” Movie

Rating: PG (Nude Art Images|Some Thematic Elements)

Genre: Kids & family, Adventure, Comedy, Animation

Original Language: English

Director: Jim Capobianco, Pierre-Luc Granjon

Producer: Ellen Byrne, Vincent Mc Carthy, Robert Rippberger, Ilan Urroz, Jim Capobianco, Martin Metz, Adrian Politowski

Writer: Jim Capobianco

Release Date (Theaters): Sep 15, 2023 Limited

Runtime: 1h 32m

Distributor: Blue Fox Entertainment

Production Co: SIE Films, Leveller Media, Foliascope, Align, Curiosity Rights, Moo Studios, Leo and King, Tip-Top Productions, Carte Blanche Film, Curiosity Studio, Aerial Contrivance Workshop, Slated, Former Prodigy Media, Gaia Entertainment.

A scene from The Inventor 2023 Movie

Cast Detail OF “The Inventor 2023” Movie

Matt Berry … Pope Leo X (voice)
Daisy Ridley … Marguerite (voice)
Marion Cotillard … Louise de Savoy (voice)
Stephen Fry … Leonardo da Vinci (voice)
Natalie Palamides … Pierre Nepveu and Antonio de Beatis
Jim Capobianco … Cardinal of Aragon
Ben Stranahan … Page
Gauthier Battoue … Francis I of France
Max Baumgarten … Il Boccador and King Charles of Spain
Jane Osborn … Gravedigger Jane
John Gilkey … Gravedigger John and Giuliano
Angelino Sandri … Francesco Melzi
Daniel Swan … King Henry the VIII

Produced By

Kat Alioshin … executive producer / line producer
Ali Baghdadi … executive producer
Olivier Barbier … executive producer
Joshua A. Bevan … co-executive producer
Jay Burnley … executive producer
Ellen Byrne … co-producer
Chris Capobianco … executive producer
Jim Capobianco … producer (produced by)
Carmella Casinelli … executive producer
Justin Chen … executive producer
Ryan Clarkson … executive producer
Lorenz Evans … co-executive producer
Lucas A. Ferrara … co-executive producer
Raymond Fino … executive producer
Nicolas Flory … executive producer
Mimi Polk Gitlin … executive producer
Don Hahn … executive producer
Chris Ihlenfeldt … co-executive producer
Fionnuala Jamison … executive producer
Nathanaël Karmitz … executive producer
David Lyons … executive producer
Christopher Massimine … executive producer
Keanu Mayo … executive producer
Vince McCarthy … co-producer
Rob McGillivray … executive producer
Martin Metz … producer
Steve Muench … executive producer
Habib Paracha … executive producer
Adrian Politowski … producer
Robert Rippberger … producer (produced by) (p.g.a.)
Raymond Sandra … executive producer
Sita Saviolo … executive producer
Laura Schlessinger … executive producer
Jacob Michael Silva … co-executive producer
Ben Stranahan … executive producer
Kyle Stroud … executive producer
Chelsea Tieu … executive producer
Ilan Urroz … executive producer
Phil Viardo … executive producer
Eric Vonfeldt … executive producer
Neuman Vong … executive producer
Katherine Waddell … executive producer
Jeremy Walton … executive producer
Pierce Young … executive producer
J.D. Zacharias … executive producer

Music By

Alex Mandel

Music Department OF ” The Inventor 2023″ Movie

Ewan Clark … Orchestrator
John Neill … Scoring Engineer: New Zealand
Josh Plotner … oboe: bassoon
Mark Willsher … music mixer & music editor

Sound Department Of ” The Inventor 2023″ Movie

Ramit Anchal … Post Production Executive: Splice – London
Matt Baird … Supervising Dialogue Recording Engineer: Splice – London
Lilly Blazewicz … foley editor
Adrian Conway … dialogue editor
Dave Fritz … ADR Recordist: Streamland Media – Toronto
Aza Hand … Supervising sound editor / re-recording mixer / sound designer
Sophia Hardman … Foley Mixer
Kate Harmer … ADR Coordinator: Streamland Media – Toronto
Damien Lynch … sound effects editor
Michal Maletz … Dialogue Recording Engineer: Splice – London
Marilyn Morris … original dialogue mixer: Waterman Sound
Julien Paschal … sound mixer
Rob Price … foley supervisor
Chris Russell … Sales and New Business Executive: Splice – London
Gary Rydstrom … sound design consultant
Gary Shortall … post production: Egg Post
Splice … recording studio
Streamland … recording studio
Titra … recording studio
Alex Wilmer … voice recording: Wilmer Sound
Sae Wilmer … voice recording: Wilmer Sound

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